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Pool Paws for Humane Laws (Dog Swim Parties*)

* Proceeds benefit the Alliance

McNair Park Pool / St. Charles

In the books for this year - and it was a blast! See the TV interview with Bob and plenty of canines cavorting!

Kirkwood Aquatic Center / Kirkwood
Tuesday (Sep 4th): 5pm - 7pm

Thursday (Sep 6th): 5:30pm - 7:30pm (small dogs only, from 5:30-6pm, then open to ALL dogs after that!)

Alligator's Creek Aquatic Center / O'Fallon
Saturday (Sep 8th): 9:30am - 11:30am

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Nearly 80 million households in the USA include pets. Did you know that where we acquire our pets can make the difference between a life of pain, neglect and suffering and one of love and devotion? The Alliance has strengthened animal abuse and neglect laws and helped to close down over 1,200 puppy mills in the state of Missouri, and the work continues. To help, click here.

A contentious battle has been brewing in Missouri for the past few years over the welfare of farm animals housed in factory farms. The term "factory farms" is another name for CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). CAFOs are industrial-sized livestock operations in which hundreds or even thousands of farm animals are typically confined in extremely cramped quarters 24/7; the animals never see the light of day or receive more than a minimal amount of care, and they are frequently subjected to abusive practices. The rationale for all of this mistreatment is maximization of profits. To learn more about why this is such an important issue in Missouri, click here.

Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell the more help the animals will receive.

If you are in Missouri and wish to report an unlicensed breeder, click here :  PUPPY MILL

If you are in St. Louis and encounter an animal in distress, report it by clicking here:  ANIMAL CONTROL CITY OF ST. LOUIS

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation


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Hope for the Animals Day

Sunday (Aug 19th)

9am - 11am

Tower Grove Park - Sons of Rest Pavilion

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To volunteer email admin@maal.org

Missouri ranks third nationally in horse population, with an estimated 200,000 horses residing in the state. Our recent efforts to protect horses have been focused on the prohibition of slaughter and a ban on the cruel practice of "soring" of show horses. To learn more about the practice of "soring", click here. 

​​​​So many of our caring citizens are involved in the rescue of neglected and abused animals all across the state of Missouri - but until strong and humane LAWS are in place, the cycle of neglect and abuse will only continue. 

At the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation (a non-profit group), we are working around the clock to stop abuse and neglect BEFORE it starts. Our IRS status as a 501c4 is what sets us apart. We advocate for the enactment and enforcement of legislation that addresses the root causes. We are the only organization in the state of Missouri working full time to lobby in the state capitol on behalf of the animals.

If you are in Missouri/Illinois and need information on what to do with wild injured birds, click here:  WILD BIRDS 

If you are in Missouri/Illinois and need to report on wildlife or to learn more about what and how to interact with wildlife including large animals, rodents, and birds, click here:  BI-STATE WILDLIFE

Companion Animals

Kirkwood Greentree Festival

Saturday (Sep 15th)

9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday (Sep 16th)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Kirkwood Park - Kirkwood

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To volunteer email admin@maal.org

We advocate for the animals by helping to pass legislation to protect animals from abuse and neglect. We also work to ensure effective enforcement of our current animal protection laws. We are the voice of the animals with the legislature and government officials.

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Farm Animals


If you are (anywhere) in Missouri and you suspect animal abuse, or you encounter animal abuse/neglect or sick/injured strays, report it by clicking here:  ANIMAL ABUSE/SICK & INJURED STRAYS

What has the Alliance Accomplished?

Trails for Tails

Sunday (Sep 9th)

8:30 am - 11:00 am

Frontier Park - St. Charles

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To volunteer email admin@maal.org


The Alliance has had many great successes since its founding in 1990. We banned cockfighting, made dogfighting a felony offense, passed licensing and regulatory control of puppy mills, increased penalties for neglect and abuse, covered birds under cruelty statutes, regulated the keeping of large carnivores, preserved local regulations on farm animals, and most recently, we helped pass the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act which has closed down over 1,200 puppy mills. Consequently and as a direct result of our work, there are 50,000 fewer breeding dogs confined in puppy mills in the state of Missouri.    

To learn more about our accomplishments on behalf of animals, click here.

​​State or local governments can regulate the trade and the care of exotic pets in their jurisdiction. Did you know it's easier to buy an exotic animal than a car in Missouri? Missouri is home to the largest auction and sale of exotic animals in the country. The Alliance successfully lobbied to pass the Large Carnivore Act which regulates the care of large cats and bears in captivity. We continue to work to enact and enforce regulations on the care and trade of exotic animals in the state. To learn about how you can become more involved, click here.

Fundraiser at Baileys' Range (Community Table)

​920 Olive St., downtown St. Louis 

Monday (Sep 17th) 

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Baileys' Range is once again working with the Alliance to host a "Community Table" fundraiser. Dine at Baileys' Range  between 5pm - 8pm on Sep 17th and Baileys' will donate 25% of ALL proceeds to the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation!  Try their AMAZING vegan burger, "The Phoenician"!  Join us as we help raise money for the animals!

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Founded in 1990, the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation (the Alliance) has grown to over 10,000 supporters today - people from all walks of life. We're concerned pet owners. We're rescue volunteers. We're pet shelters. We're city dwellers. We're farmers. We're educators. We're citizens. We're law enforcement. We're organizations. We're professionals. We're advocates.


And most importantly -

We're YOU.

Wildlife & Exotic Animals

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