Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation


Protect. Advocate. Legislate.

Who are we?

The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, founded in 1990, is a non-profit organization lobbying full time to bring positive change for animals through the legislative process.  Our efforts are combined with the actions of concerned individuals, other groups, organizations and agencies interested in advancing the welfare of Missouri’s animals.

Our Mission is:

To advocate for the welfare of animals and to protect companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife from abuse, neglect and inhumane exploitation. We accomplish this by enacting animal welfare laws and by working towards the effective enforcement of all existing animal protection laws and regulations.

Our Goals include:

  • increasing public awareness about the plight of animals

  • addressing problems with appropriate legislation, and

  • providing information to the proper authorities to ensure enforcement of the laws 

The Alliance concentrates its efforts on state legislation by:

  • drafting and submitting legislation

  • tracking legislation's progress through the Missouri General Assembly, then 

  • educating legislators on the issues surrounding legislation, and supporting or opposing additional animal-related legislation proposed by others

The Missouri Legislature is in annual session from January through mid-May.During that time, the Alliance: 

  • attends and testifies before committee hearings 

  • provides supporting documentation 

  • meets with legislators, and

  • issues Action Alerts to our supporters for their help 

​​We also sponsor Humane Day at the Capitol in April each year. This event draws representatives from animal shelters and humane organizations as well as concerned citizens from across the state to meet and lobby their state legislators. Click here to learn more about this very important day.