We Salute Our Contributors

 dog salute

The following list of donors includes donations received from September 1, 2014 through August 31, 2015.  We apologize for any errors or omissions.  Please call 314.361.3944 to make corrections

Gifts in Honor of….

Diann Valenti by Liz Rudder, Joann Stephan, Anonymous

Nancy Grove by Liz Rudder, Joann Stephan, James and Dudley Grove, Michael and Rebecca Zaccarello

Our daughters, Linda Sullivan and Diann Valenti by Charles and Verla Sullivan

Bob Baker by Nancy Grove

Shirley Sostman by Shannon Drohan

Judy Peil by Lila Shepley

Gloria Gale by Barbara Stras


Gifts in Honor of Companions….

All my pets by Ann Cleek

“Brad” by Jo Ellen Levens

“Lilly” by Jill Mitchell

“Wezzie” and “Barney” Sander by Leanna Moilanen

“Alf” by Sue Williamson

“Sophie” by Joanne Griffin

“Jessie” by Janet Odman

“Kyle Connor” Thom by Janet Thom

“Teddy D” by Elaine Crawford

“Angie” by Vinnie Warner


Gifts in Memory of…

Shaun Carlile by Dianne Carlile

Albert Pete Valenti, Jr. by Mary Massey, TJ and Dale Lindhorst

Abby by Kathleen McCormick

Patricia Benach by Diane Woepke

Carolyn Murat by Jean Woolery


Gifts in Memory of Companions…

“Sissy” McGaughey by Bradley Abrams

“Bear” and “Indy” by Robin Ayers

“Piper” and “Clara” by Diane Bishop

“Micah” by Tracy Buck

“Dusty” and “Rowdy” by Janice Chilton

All my pets by Ann Cleek

“Tala” and “Pepper” by Marva Ervin

“Gabriel” by Therese Hendry

“Hallie” by Rosemary Lahmann

“Nefer” by Jean Light

“Casey” the three-leg wonder dog by Patrick Murphy

“Sabre” and “Molly” by Bob Schure

“Suzette” and “Collie” by Adele Sellers

“Buoy” by DeAnn Sharpless

“Xena” Barker by Anonymous

“Indigo Thunderheart” by Joann Stephan

“Aidan” by Joann Stephan

“Banjo” Burnet by Joann Stephan

“Merlin” by Karol Walters

“Poppy” Gassner by TJ and Dale Lindhorst

“Wendie” Sostman by Diann and Al Valenti

“Meggie” and “Joni” by Gisele Gamble