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Communicate With Your Legislator

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation



The Missouri Alliance is the only organization in the state of Missouri working full time to lobby in the state capitol on behalf of the animals. But it's not a solo endeavor - it takes all of us together to make a positive impact. There are several ways for you to contact your member of state Legislature to express your position on an issue and serve as a voice for the animals.


Make that call!

Phone calls are a quick, easy and efficient way to contact your state senator or representative. Most of the time, you'll be speaking with a staff member who is taking notes and counting the number of constituents who are in favor or oppose a particular bill. The Alliance sends out periodic Action Alerts, and when applicable, we will provide a sample script for you. 

Tips for calling:

  • Identify your name, your city, and say that you're a member/supporter of the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation

  • ​Identify the bill or issue that you're calling about

  • State your position and how you would like your legislator to act

  • ​Mention a brief personal reason why you support or oppose the bill 

  • Express gratitude for your elected official's work

To contact your Legislator, click here

Send that email!

Emails are another fast and simple way to contact your legislators. When the Alliance sends out an Action Alert urging contact, we will provide a sample email text for you to utilize. 

Tips for emailing:

  • Although the Alliance will often provide a sample email script, it's best if you try to personalize it

  • Email your legislator about one item/issue/bill at a time (that is, one per email)

  • ​Identify where you live in a particular district (by including your zip code)

  • Mention that you are a member/supporter of the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation

  • ​identify the bill number or title, and your position.

  • Ask your legislator to take a specific action, such as voting "no" or "yes" on the bill

  • ​Mention a brief personal reason why you support or oppose the bill

  • ​Legislators typically respond to their constituents' emails, and in these responses they explain their positions on the issue in question. Please forward these emails to us so that we can better understand where the legislator stands on a particular issue. You can email us at:

To contact your Legislator, click ​here

Join Us On Humane Day!

Would you like to meet other animal advocates and spend a day in the state capitol to show our legislators how committed you are to promoting better animal welfare laws? 

Every spring, hundreds of supporters ranging from individuals to local and national animal welfare organizations gather in Jefferson City to ask our legislators to push for stronger animal-protection laws. On Humane Day, animal advocates like you are invited to learn and practice lobbying for relevant animal welfare bills in the Missouri state legislature.

Now more than ever, we need to pull together and show that there's strength in numbers. We WILL continue to fight for the animals!