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Dear Friend of the Alliance,  

We have great news to report to you as the 2016 legislative session comes to a conclusion.  The Alliance prevailed in its fight against the onslaught of legislation that would have weakened our existing anti-cruelty laws and undermined the welfare of animals in the state.  Fortunately, the animals triumphed over agricultural interests, the puppy mill industry, corporate factory farms, and other animal industries that exploit animals solely for monetary gain.  

Appallingly, many state legislators were relentless in their efforts to dismantle Missouri’s laws protecting the welfare of animals during this year’s session.  Unfortunately, several legislators are still bitter over the passage of the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act which has closed down 1,200 cruel puppy mills in the state.  One legislator publicly criticized his colleagues on the Floor of the House arguing that their actions were being done for spite due to the success of the new puppy mill law.

Equally disturbing was the blitz of bills aimed at opening up more cruel factory farms in Missouri.  Currently, Missouri is one of the few states in the Midwest that allows local counties to regulate factory farms in order to protect the public health, the environment, and the welfare of the animals confined in factory farms.  As a result, large corporate farms and multi-national agricultural interests poured money into the coffers of Missouri state legislators in an effort to strip counties of their authority to regulate factory farms.  In fact, large agricultural corporations have given more money to Missouri legislators than to any other state legislature in the countryConsequently, there were over 25 bills introduced in the Missouri legislature that would have eliminated regulations on large factory farms which often mistreat the animals and damage the environment!

Thanks to your support, we successfully defended all of our laws and defeated a shameful attempt to eliminate the disposition process for abused and neglected animals that would have resulted in abused animals remaining in the hands of their abusers.  We could not have achieved this success without your help.

Please help the Alliance continue this important work for the animals.  We very much need your financial help to maintain our advocacy efforts.

The animals cannot lobby, they cannot vote and they cannot speak out against the suffering inflicted upon them.  YOU ARE THEIR VOICE!  Your financial contribution today will help the Alliance to continue to speak for those who have no voice.  Please help us help the animals! 

Thank You! 


Bob Baker

Executive Director


2016 End of Session Report

Thanks to your efforts and support,

the Alliance was instrumental in defeating these and other bills.



HB 1969 & SB 804

Eliminates Disposition Hearings for Abused & Neglected Animals

This legislation would have severely weakened Missouri’s anti-cruelty statutes by eliminating disposition hearings for animals that have been abused and/or neglected.  This would have resulted in abused and neglected animals being left in the hands of their abusers.  



SB 928, SB 703 & language originally in HB 1414

Exempts Animals from Sunshine Law – Prohibits Disclosure on How Animals Are Treated

These bills would have eliminated the ability to monitor animal welfare issues at puppy mills and factory farms in the state.  This legislation was intended to keep the public in the dark about how animals are treated.


HB 1823 & language contained in HB 1632, HB 1912, HB 2188, HB 2376,

SB 676,  SB 765, SB 781, SB 799, SB 800, SB 867, SB 869, SB 937

Weakens Protections for Farm Animals

All of these bills were aimed at eliminating or severely weakening regulations on factory farms.  These bill were intended to open up many more factory farms in the state and were initiatied and supported by multi-national agricultural corportations.


HB 2650 & language contained in HB 1588, HB 1713, HB 1827, HB 2376

Allows Factory Farms to Circumvent Regulations by Department of Natural Resources and Clean Water Commission



HB 1830, HB 2332, SB 663, SB 804

Makes a Person Liable for Speaking Out Against Factory Farms and Grants Immunity to Food Producers for Intentionally Mislabeling Food as Organically Grown or Raised Without Chemicals or Synthetics



HB 1729, SB 769, SB 703

Weakens Regulations on Sanitation at Factory Farms



SB 894

Prohibits Nuisance Lawsuits Against Factory Farms



SB 1024

Prohibits Municipalities from Banning the Sale of Puppy Mill Puppies in Pet Stores


Your Efforts Are Truly Making A Difference for the Animals!

We thank you again for your support of the Alliance and especially your individual efforts to contact your legislators.  All of your efforts have paid off and we can rest assured that our hard fought gains for animal welfare over the past years remain in place.  We have prevailed and the animals have won the day!


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