Please be a Voice for the Animals

VoiceForAnimalsWe are especially fortunate this year to obtain the services of one of the most powerful lobbying firms in the state for the coming legislative session. While we are excited that we have assembled such an impressive lobbying team, such services are expensive. We are therefore asking for your support of our annual “Voice for the Animals” campaign. Will you sponsor ONE WEEK of lobbying during the legislative session, at the cost of $500, to support our lobbying efforts? With only 18 weeks in the session, each week is critical in maintaining a strong presence in the capitol and to ensure that the voices of the animals are heard.

In an effort to raise the funds we need and to make it easier on you, we are again ALSO offering the option of sponsoring a day (or two or three) at $100 per day of the session, rather than an entire week. I hope this will enable you to support this important campaign at a financial level that fits your needs. Specific weeks will be assigned after we receive your response. Those who elect to sponsor a full week of the session will receive personal periodic updates describing the legislative activities in Jefferson City and our efforts on animal legislation. 

What a great way for you to become personally involved without having to go to the capitol!

Please help us continue our important work for the animals this coming session. We have achieved monumental progress for the animals over the past twenty-six years and especially towards ending puppy mill cruelty in Missouri. It is imperative that we not only preserve this victory but continue to help all animals in the state. With the results of this past election, the work of the Alliance is needed now, more than ever, to protect animals in the state.

The Alliance is confident that we can prevail with your help. Please show your continued support of the animals in the upcoming Legislative Session, by emailing or writing us and letting us know what week (or days) you are willing to sponsor.  Or – go to top right of this page and make a donation now.

Thank you for working together with the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation – and for all you do for the animals!