Humane Day at the Capitol 

April 10, 2018

Jefferson City

Thank you to everyone who participated in "Humane Day at the Capitol" on Tuesday, April 10th, sponsored by the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation. The Alliance had info packets available for visitors to the Capitol Building, including a list and description of the proposed bills for this year, legislative achievements, challenges, and ways to become involved in animal advocacy. 

We are grateful to our generous Sponsors who helped make Open Your Heart 2018 a success this year! 

They are:

Carol House Furniture (Match Sponsor)

Felman Trust ~ Helix Realty ~ Dale & TJ Lindhorst

Nancy Grove ~ Joe Hanon (Ziern-Hanon Galleries)Scott & Laurie Livinston Joe & Gwen Matthews

Mary Massey (Red Key Realty)

Open Your Heart Gala "Wine & Whiskers"

February 25, 2018

​Lucas Park Grille (St. Louis)

Open Your Heart  represents a significant source of funding for our legislative work every year. Thanks to the generosity of those who attended this fun event (and those who cannot attend but contribute in other ways,  such as donating auction items, sponsorships, or simply by donation-in-lieu-of-ticket-purchase) their support helps make it possible for the Alliance to continue our vital work with state legislators and public officials on behalf of the animals. 

Earth Day

April 21/22, 2018

St. Louis

Love your Mother (Earth)! The Alliance works hard to help protect our environment so it's a logical imperative to participate in Earth Day, an event that takes place across the nation to draw attention to our fragile environment and ways that we can attenuate current distress and contribute to its protection.  We love it when volunteers join us at our table for a shift - you can find us under the covered walkway at the corner of the Muny Ticket Office. Look for us - maybe even JOIN us - at next year's Earth Day!

Pool Paws for Humane Laws

August & September 2018

McNair Park Pool-St. Charles / Kirkwood Aquatic Center-Kirkwood / Alligator's Creek Aquatic Center-O'Fallon

It's like stepping into a've basically landed on Planet Dog! This is where you experience unapologetic splishing and splashing, racing, ball tossing and retrieving, licking, rolling, playing, jumping, and barking with a joy unlike any other. Every year, the Alliance co-hosts "dog swim parties" at the end of summer, with the funds raised benefiting the animals, of course.  


Aug 3, 2018

St. Louis

Our friends at START organized a phenomenal first time VegFest event which took place on the grounds of the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park. There was food, guest speakers, yoga, and did we mention food?! We can't wait for this event next year! Great job!!

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation


Protect. Advocate. Legislate.

Past Events 

The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation is dedicated to educating the public about the plight of animal welfare in the state. There are numerous events throughout the year (both fundraising and tabling) offering excellent opportunities for outreach and awareness. Here are a few of the events in which we've participated over the past 12 to 24 months - many of which are regularly scheduled activities.  For more information on past events, click here.

If you have any suggestions for an event that might benefit from our presence, please email us at

Since 1990, we've accomplished legislative successes governing puppy mills, cockfighting, pet overpopulation, impounded animals, exotic animals, and animal abuse and neglect. We are especially proud of our advocacy efforts against puppy mills resulting in the closure of over 1,200 puppy mills in our state. The work is endless - but together, we are making a difference - YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

To see photos from this year's Open Your Heart event, click here.

Fellow animal welfare groups represented included: Humane Society of Missouri (who sponsored lunch), Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA), Missouri State Humane Association (MoSHA), Missouri Animal Control Association (MACA), Ferals in Peril, Kansas City Health & Public Safety, Protect Every Pet, and the St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center - to name some.

We'd love to see even more people - including school students - visit the Capitol Building on Humane Day next year!

Bark in the Park

May 19, 2018

St. Louis

Always a fun time with the pooches and an awesome way to help support our fellow animal friends, the Humane Society of Missouri. Taking place every year at Cricket Field in Forest Park.

Credit: Interview with Bob Baker & pooches; video by KSDK