Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation


Protect. Advocate. Legislate.

So many of our caring citizens are involved in the rescue of neglected and abused animals all across the state of Missouri - but until strong and humane LEGISLATION is in place, the cycle of neglect and abuse will only continue. 

At the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, we are working around the clock to stop abuse and neglect BEFORE it starts. We advocate for the enactment and enforcement of legislation that addresses the root causes. We are the only organization in the state of Missouri working full time to lobby in the state capitol on behalf of the animals.


While the public has always supported the humane treatment of animals, current federal and state laws governing the treatment of animals is insufficient to ensure their welfare. During the month of December, prior to the opening of the new year's legislative session beginning in January, the Alliance identifies challenges and opportunities and will update this segment accordingly. Check back with us in December for more information.

The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation is wholly committed to introducing and/or supporting legislation that ADVANCES ANIMAL WELFARE and we are just as equally committed to opposing legislation if it does not, or if it weakens, existing laws. To learn about some of our legislative victories for animals, click on the image.

The legislative process by which a bill becomes a law is the same at the state level as it is at the federal level - however, each state can establish its own rules of procedure. To learn about how the legislative process works in Missouri - and how and where the Alliance fits in,  click on the image.