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Puppy Mill Dogs Need Your Voice NOW!

Missouri's Governor Greitens has asked the Department of Agriculture to review regulations that may be onerous to businesses. As unsavory as they are, puppy mills are considered "businesses" and they would definitely love to see the current regulations reduced. 

The Dept of Agriculture has opened up their website for public comments through August 31, 2017.You have an opportunity to urge Governor Greitens to preserve and protect all our animal welfare regulations - especially as puppy millers are now asking that MDA dispense with UNANNOUNCED inspections, and provide these dog breeders with some advance notice.

For more info and to leave your MUCH NEEDED comments on government website, click here.

How Much is That Doggy in the Window?

We love to celebrate our dogs - but there's no celebrating from where some of them come. The Alliance's Executive Director  discusses the ongoing fight against puppy mills with KTVO. To read about it, click here

Latest News 

Spotlight on Missouri Puppy Mills 

As part of NatGeo Wild's new Cesar Millan series "Dog Nation", Alliance executive director Bob Baker spent an afternoon with the famed Dog Whisperer and his son Andre while they were in St. Louis this past October. Word of the Alliance's accomplishments in closing down 1,200 puppy mills had reached Cesar Millan, who was prompted to include en entire episode on Missouri puppy mills for his new television series. The St. Louis episode aired on March 24, 2017 but you can catch it on NatGeo Wild on any of the below listed channels in Missouri. The Alliance is confident that Cesar and Andre's new show will help raise even greater awareness of the plight of dogs and puppy mills. 

Charter:  124

Sling TV:  yes

ATT U-Verse: 266 or 1266 HD

Direct TV: 283 or 283 HD

DISH: 190

Time Warner: 130 or 130 HD

Mediacom:  290

For more information and to read about Bob Baker's interview on the Dog Nation Blog, visit Dog Nation.  You can also check out Nat Geo Wild.

American Kennel Club - Profitable Business on the Backs of Puppy Mills?

  • Did you know that the American Kennel Club (AKC) gives its registered breeders advance notification of AKC sponsored "inspections"? That's a shame - and a sham.
  • ​Did you know that the AKC consistently opposes all animal welfare legislation? That's hypocrisy.
  • Did you know that the AKC "dog shows" are subsidized by registration fees from puppy mills? That's terrible.

Alliance Executive Director Bob Baker has called out the American Kennel Club on more than one occasion. But until the public is better informed about how the AKC's marketing efforts are aimed squarely for profit at the expense of our canine companions, business will continue as usual.  And a lucrative business it is.

You can catch up to what's going on with the AKC, Dog Shows and Puppy Mills, below:​​​​


The agriculture interests have over a dozen high paid lobbyists working to decimate our animal protection laws to financially benefit not only the puppy mill industry, but large multi-million dollar corporate factory farms. Learn more about how you can help us in between this last legislative session and the next, by clicking here.