Help us protect animals in Missouri


Ask Your State Senator to Oppose HB 1414 and SB 928 by Voting NO

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HB 1414 & SB 928 -Eliminates Sunshine Law on Animal Health and Environmental Issues

These bills would eliminate the ability to monitor animal welfare issues at commercial dog breeding facilities and to monitor environmental protections at factory farms.  These bills are an attempt to keep the public in the dark about how animals are treated at animal operations across the state.

A sponsor of this legislation was quoted in the media as saying that in reference to public information on animals in agriculture, “it’s better kept quiet.”


It is imperative that you contact your Senator TODAY and let him/her know that you care about the humane treatment of animals.  Please ask your Senator to OPPOSE House Bill 1414 & Senate Bill 928.  

Supporters of the legislation blame Missouri’s sunshine law for the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act which closed many inhumane puppy mills.  They argued that public disclosure of the conditions at Missouri’s puppy mills led to the intense pressure to enact stricter laws.

Please point out that these bills are diametrically opposed to open and transparent government!

When it comes to animals some Legislators want to change the state’s motto to “Don’t Show Me.”