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By signing up to receive Action Alerts, you'll be notified by the Alliance of the ongoing victories, challenges, issues and actions needed to defend, protect, and promote humane legislation. To receive Action Alerts, click on the image.

You don't have to be a professional lobbyist walking the halls of the Capitol - you can do your part to "lobby" from the comfort of your own home! To learn more about how you can engage in this process and lobby, click on the image.

Volunteer to help the Alliance at community and tabling events. This is a great way for us to reach others who are concerned about animal welfare but may not have heard of  the Alliance and its work to enact laws to protect animals.  To be a Volunteer, click on the image.

Maintaining a vital presence at the state capitol and in front of federal officials is costly. Successful monitoring, enacting, enforcing, proposing, and defending animal welfare legislation requires professional, full time lobbying. Additionally, the Alliance also engages in regular outreach and educational events to create and build on awareness of issues and action. To become an Alliance Supporter, click on the image.

The Alliance is currently working to increase our supporter base throughout the state.  We are the only statewide organization working full time in Jefferson City to enact and protect Missouri’s animal welfare laws.  We need individuals to become educated about the issues and involved in the legislative process.  Here are some ways you can help out: