Alliance Helps Rid USDA of Puppy Mill Lobbyist

USDA Say Whoa to Horse Soring

Governor Nixon Vetoes HB 1713

Let's Thank the Legislators Who Stood Up For Animals in 2016​

2016 End of Session Report

Alliance Achieves Great Victory for Animals​

We Salute Our Contributors

Opponents of Prop B in Hot Water With Missouri Ethics Commission

Animals Escape Unharmed - End of Session Report 2015

Please Thank Legislators Who Stood Up For Animals in 2015

End of Session Appeal 2015

Serious Animal Welfare Act Violations Do Not Warrant Quick Removal of Dogs

Victory for Chickens

ACTION ALERT - USDA Will Ignore Minor Violations at Puppy Mills

FBI to Track Animal Abuse

How Did Your Legislator Vote on the Captive Deer Issue?

Right to Farm Constitutional Amendment Survives Recount

Former President of ASPCA Now Advocating for Puppy Mills

Mayor Slay Takes Credit for Passage of Right to Farm

Governor Nixon Acts to Protect Deer

​Thank Our Animal-Friendly Legislators Today! - 2014

​All Animals Can Come Out From Hiding

2014 - End of Session Report

Mary Pat Boatfield, Legendary Animal Advocate, Passes Away

New Way to Report Puppy Mill Cruelty

Welfare Swindlers + Tax Cheats + Consumer Fraud + Animal Neglect = Puppy Mills

Alliance Executive Director Receives "Hamaker Achievement Award"

Lawsuit To Eliminate Taxes on Shelters Endangered Large Carnivore Act

Please Thank Legislators Who Stood Up for the Animals in 2013

​Right to Farm (HJR 11) Timeline

MO 2013 Legislative Session Ends!

USDA Requests Funding to Enforce New Rules on Dog Breeders

Senate Action on HJR 11

AKC Taken to Task by One of Their Own

Effort Underway to Help Animal Shelters

Los Angeles Says "NO" to Missouri Puppy Mills

​St. Louis City Police Designate Animal Abuse Investigator

Missouri Legislative End-of-Session Summary for 2012

HB 374 Attempts to Suppress Free Speech About Farm Animals

​Missouri Breeder Attempts to Block Chicago Anti-Puppy Mill Ordinance

Legislature Attempts to Attract More Factory Farms to Missouri

Gains for Horses

Prohibition on Horse Slaughter Extended in the U.S.

Cruel Dog Bunchers Hopefully a Thing of the Past

McCaskill Adds Her Support to the PAST Act

Right to Farm Amendment Barely Passes

Lawsuit Filed to Overturn Right to Farm Amendment

Purebred = Inbred

Alliance Executive Director Discusses "Right to Farm" With Fox2 News

Right-to-Farm Amendment 1 - Vote NO

Time Magazine Addresses the Need to Spay/Neuter Pit Bulls

​HELP HORSES! Contact Senator Claire McCaskill

Congress Inches Closer to a Ban on Horse Slaughter

Final Outcome of Animal Bills in Missouri House

​Final Outcome of Animal Bills in Missouri Senate

Minnesota Passes Puppy Mill Legislation

​Horse Racing Exposed: Drugs, Deception and Death

Welfare of Chickens Challenged by Missouri's Attorney General​

Chicago Bans Sale of Dogs in Pet Stores

Horses Spared From Slaughter

Horses Spared From Slaughter by Congressional Budget

Judge Reverses Ruling - Cruel Puppy Mills Can Be Prosecuted

Saga On Horse Slaughter Continues

New Way to Report Puppy Mill Cruelty

Say Neigh to Horse Slaughter

​Dogs Victorious in Legal Battle Over New Puppy Mill Law

Battle Against Puppy Mills Yielding Results

​Large Carnivore Act Preserved in Missouri

Rescues Beware - Auctions Could be a Source of Brucellosis

Philadelphia Inquirer Reports on Alliance's Work Against Puppy Mills

San Diego Bans Sale of Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores

​Post-Dispatch Endorses Horse Slaughter - The Alliance Responds

Is Missouri Next for Unregulated Factory Farms?

Macaque Monkeys Free to Bite Children in Missouri

Horse Slaughter Looming in Missouri

Good Animal News From Congress

Commercial Dog Breeders - Auctions Uncovered

Dog by Dog Documentary

Right to Farm (HJR 11) Timeline

​Connecticut Legislators Attempt Crackdown on Pets Sold From Puppy Mills

Behavior Difference in Dogs From Pet Stores vs Breeders

USDA Requests Funding to Enforce New Rules on Dog Breeders

​MO Legislative YES Votes - HJR 11

E-Puppy Mills Face Double Scrutiny

Safety Concerns Stoke Criticism of AKC

Puppies Triumph Over Angry Breeders in Texas Court

AVMA Report​ Shows Missouri Love Affair With Dogs

​Puppy Mill Industry Continues to Fight New Law

​How Much is That Piggy in the Window?

Why MO Legislature Needs to Pass the NonHuman Primate Act

​LA City Council to Vote to Ban Sale of Dogs in Pet Stores 

Study Reveals Puppy Mills Injurious to ​Mental Health and Welfare of Dogs

Support AG Koster's Efforts to ​Close Puppy Mills

Cat Cam Exposes Risks for Outdoor Cats

Horse Slaughter Legislation

Where Did Missouri's "Puppy Mill" Debate Go?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

CAPS and The Alliance Making a Difference!

How Much is That Doggy in the Window?

Who Stood up for Animals in the 2017 Missouri Legislature

End of 2017 Missouri Legislature Session

USDA Wants to Keep the Public in the Dark About Puppy Mills

USDA Regulation to Ban Horse Soring & Stacks on Hold

The Problem With Puppy Mills (Fox2News incl Bob Baker interview)

President of Missouri Pet Breeders Association (MPBA) Fined $6K for Violating the Animal Welfare Act

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation


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