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               Animal  Hotlines

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation


​​​​​There are several avenues available for reporting dog and cat breeders in Missouri, as follows:

To report unlicensed breeders, click here:  Operation Bark Alert

To report substandard conditions at a dog or cat breeder's facility, click here:  ACFA Program Inquiry

To follow up on either of the above complaints, you can contact Matt Rold, ACFA Coordinator at 573-751-3076 or

Additionally, for anyone with information about unlicensed dog breeders, substandard dog breeders or pet stores (and the sale of sick dogs from dog breeders or pet stores), you can file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General's Agriculture & Environment Division by clicking here:  Canine Cruelty Complaint

To follow up on a complaint filed with the Attorney General's office, you can contact Shawna Bligh at 573-751-8847 or by email at

If you encounter an animal in St. Louis that appears to be in distress, please contact:

Animal Control City of St. Louis

314-657-1500 (Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm) OR 314-231-1212 (after hours or on weekends) OR 911

St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach


If you encounter animal abuse/neglect, or sick and injured strays, please report it to any of the following Animal Abuse Hotlines:

Any County in Missouri

Link to various numbers to call from/for anywhere in Missouri: hotlines (Note: if you don't find your county, call HSMO Animal Cruelty Task Force)

Humane Society of Missouri 

Animal Cruelty Task Force at 314-647-4400 OR 800-383-9835

Citizens Service Bureau (St. Louis City) 


Stray Rescue of St. Louis (St. Louis City)

314-771-6121 ext 232

St. Louis County Animal Care and Control (including violations of tethering ordinances)

314-615-1777  or 314-615-0650   (for non-business hours: 314-889-2341)

Kansas City Animal Control (Kansas City) 
816-513-1313  (after 7pm, contact KCPD at 816-234-5111)

Jefferson County Humane Society (Jefferson County)



Missouri and Illinois Bi-State Wildlife Hotline

1-855-945-3435  OR  636-492-1610  OR


Info about what to do if you've lost a pet:​​

Lost companion animals (in the St. Louis area):

St. Louis Lost Pets has info on what to do if you find / lose a pet in the St. Louis area


​Financial Assistance for veterinary care:

Hope Mending Hearts  offers economic resources for pet owners struggling with economic hardship

The Killuminati Foundation  also offers economic assistance for non-routine veterinary care for struggling pet owners

​​If you encounter sick or injured birds, please contact the following:

World Bird Sanctuary (for birds of prey such as hawks, falcons, owls, eagles etc as well as waterfowl such as herons, pelicans, swans)

636-861-1392  OR  worldbirdsanctuary

Wild Bird Rehabilitation(for songbirds and yardbirds such as robins, cardinals, bluejays, sparrows, etc)

314-426-6400  OR  wildbirdrehabilitation​​