Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation


Start an Online Petition

​According to Dave Karpf, author of The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy, online petitions are an early stage political tactic that help build a broader campaign and serve a number of purposes:

  • They can send a signal of public opinion to a decision maker
  • They tell the media there is enough public attention to do a story
  • They build a list of people who are interested in an issue
  • They can spur additional action and raise money

Petitions can be a very useful first-step tool in spreading information quickly. (cited: Gail Ablow, producer for Moyers & Company)

There are a number of online petition sites. Here are a couple - you can find more online (click the following):

Change.org  and  Care2.com

If you've gotten this far, then we know you are a person who cares deeply about animals and animal welfare. But so often, we don't know what - or how - we, as individuals, can help support or advocate. We have created an "Animal Welfare Advocate" Tool kit right here, and we invite you to spend some time reviewing the many ideas that you can implement individually or together with us.  

You are one of us - and we welcome you!  Now let's get to work!

Help Fund Our Work

Your donation supports our legislative work as well as helping to fund our ongoing public outreach and education efforts, all of which are costly for a non-profit organization. You are helping to raise awareness of the plight of animals and you are advocating with us to promote and ensure humane legislation. To learn more about how to donate to the Alliance, click here

​​Report Animal Abuse/Neglect/Animals in Distress

The Humane Society of Missouri's Animal Cruelty Task Force is available 24/07 to respond to animals at risk from abuse or natural disasters - and they are in all 114 Missouri counties and the city of St. Louis.

Click on Animal Abuse Cruelty Task Force and/or Animal Abuse Hotlines to learn more.​​

Share on Social Media

Most of us are engaged in Social Media on some level or another. It has become a powerful outreach and communications tool in our collective arsenal. The Alliance is active on Facebook and Twitter - please follow us and share our posts!​​

Report Unlicensed Dog and Cat Breeders

There are several avenues available for reporting suspected unlicensed dog and cat breeders in Missouri. The Missouri Department of Agriculture offers two different options that you can click on here: Operation Bark Alert or the ACFA Program Inquiry.  

To follow up on either of the above reports, contact Matt Rold, ACFA Coordinator at 573-751-3076 or Matt.Rold@mda.mo.gov

Additionally, anyone with information about unlicensed dog breeders, substandard dog breeders or pet stores (and the sale of sick dogs from dog breeders or pet stores) can file a complaint and follow up with the Missouri Department of Agriculture via the ACFA Program Inquiry (above), as well as with the Missouri Attorney General's Agriculture & Environment Division, via the Canine Cruelty Complaint Report (below): 

​To follow up with a Canine Cruelty Complaint at the Missouri Attorney General's Agriculture & Environment Division once you've filed a report, contact Shawna Bligh at 573-751-8847 or Shawna.bligh@ago.mo.gov

Education/Information Session

The Alliance is happy to make presentations to groups of individuals who want to learn about the plight of animals in Missouri and how to advance animal welfare. We are frequently asked to speak at organizational lunches or at community colleges. Many people understand the need for protective animal welfare laws - but they don't know how to assist in passing these laws. We can help.  Call us at 314-361-3944 or email us at admin@maal.org.

Be an Advocate!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor are a powerful tool in the advocacy kit. Letters create awareness of an issue, shine a spotlight on it, and begin or maintain momentum on an issue. Often times, such letters lead to  journalistic investigations which in turn, gain widespread attention. Legislators (and/or their staff) closely monitor letters-to-the-editor in order to learn what voters are thinking.  Here are some tips for writing a Letter-to-the-Editor:

  • Be concise - most publications (online or print form) have a word minimum.
  • A letter is more likely to be published when it is written as a response to something that already appeared in the publication. So when you write your letter, reference the previously published article
  • Similarly, timeliness is everything. If you know of a related event coming up, that would be a good time (prior to) to submit your letter.
  • Limit your letter to ONE TOPIC.
  • Feel free to make your letter personal - but refrain from personal attacks.
  • Include your name, organization (that is, reference the fact that you are a supporter of the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation), address, email and telephone number. Most publications seek to verify the submission.

To learn more about how to write a Letter to the Editor, click here

Call / Email Your Legislator

The Missouri Alliance is the only organization in the state of Missouri working full time to lobby in the state capitol on behalf of the animals. But it's not a solo endeavor - it takes all of us together to make a positive impact. There are several ways for you to contact your member of state Legislature to express your position on an issue and serve as a voice for the animals. To learn more, click here​

Protect. Advocate. Legislate.